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10 Easy Steps On How to Make Geode Coasters

  • Do you know that Geodes took millions of years to form? Isn’t that incredible! Nature’s gift to humanity isn’t so easily accessible. Some of the most sought for Geodes are found in ash beds of volcanoes, deserts or limestone filled areas. They are truly a hard nut to crack but inside reveals an altogether another story.
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What makes it a Geode

  • Crystals like Amethyst, Quartz is what makes up their inner cavity composition. No wonder they have been used to heal, nurture and decorate our houses since mankind discovered them. Geodes are Nature’s gift to humanity. Like my Mom, Tough on the outside but soft inside. A true Softy they have been used to heal, nurture and decorate our houses. 
  • How to make Geode coasters is literally a fun-filled idea loved by so many art lovers since it provides the knowhow of duplicating the essence of mother earth in our lives. 

–                 Geodes do simply mean Geo or earth-like. Pure and scintillating these are some of the best forms of true chi energy one can have in and around you.

           Geode coasters set can be made simply in a session of 3-4 hours. Since actual Geodes can be quite expensive and difficult to procure, we would make actual look-alikes for our Geode Coasters DIY project.

Materials Required

  1. A set of wooden coasters, 
  2. Glitter
  3. Resin
  4. Brushes
  5. Small Party Cups for pouring your magic touch!
  6. Butane Torch just for Bursting the Gas Bubbles
  7. Disposable Gloves
  8. Newspaper
  9. Paper Tape
  10. Crystals
  11. Ice Cream Sticks
  12. Kitchen Weighing Scale
  13. Posco Pens
  14. Resin Pigments


To begin with, decide which crystal or Aroma you have an affinity with, Is it Amethyst or Lavender. Feel the connection.  Now for the most important part in how to make the geode coasters is first deciding upon the choice of Geode colors you get attracted to. Popular choices being Blue Geode, Amethyst, Rosegold!

How to make geode coasters,Resin Geode Coasters,Resin Geode slices,Geode Coasters set, diy agate coasters resin,geode coasters diy

It’s very important to understand that like a Geode whose internal crystal structure is not known till it’s opened, similarly how your Geode will shape out, is entirely on the flow you have. I have personally realized that your inner calling will shape the Geode you are seeking to be.

Another important criterion would be to determine what are you celebrating!

Do you need to carve one for a Wedding gift, or maybe just to get some positive energy flowing. Whatever the choice, one can be done for any occassion. I have outlayed simple steps to give you indepth idea to create a faux geode. However if you have any questions , don’t hesitate to reach me at

The Eureka Moment

  1. Draw a rough design on the coasters and tape the edges pressing them down.
  2. Wear the gloves and spread the Newspaper to minimize the surroundings getting shabby.
  3. Weigh the resin and hardener in the right proportion
  4. Patiently stir the resin and hardener mixture for 4-5 minutes .
  5. Using the smaller cups, mix the resin and glitter or pigments with ice cream sticks.
  6. Place small amount of amethyst crystals on coaster edges as needed.
  7. Now pour the pigments and resin glitter .
  8. Leave the coasters alone elevated on the cups so that the resin cures
  9. Use the Posco Pens to line up the area beautifully creating a subtle artistic expression alongside the glitter.
  10. Use the Blow torch cautiously and pop any bubbles you see.

Make sure you have an even coat so that the coating gives a rich feel look. Also, very important would be to make sure that the bubbles are completely eliminated using the Blow Torch.

Be prepared to get surprised by the results you obtain. After completely cured, remove the tapes and voila your masterpiece is ready. These Geode coasters Set are very sturdy and last a very long time. Apart from their aesthetic appeal, they are a wonderful gift item .


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Upcoming Workshop

Geode Coasters have recently gained immense popularity. Many Housewives and art lovers are seeking to learn this art. We conduct monthly workshops on How to make Geode Coasters at our Mumbai location. Since some of these items can be a little expensive, we make sure that our students can learn this art safely without wasting resources and having a long learning curve.

Once you learn the basics of this wonderful art, go and experiment with different combinations and soar as high as your creativity takes you. If you are interested, you can reach out to me at or What’s app me at +91 9372572884 to register for our upcoming workshop.

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